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Habify/Patio Design & Installation in South Miami, FL

Patio Design & Installation in South Miami, FL

Life in South Miami means plenty of time spent outdoors. After all, you moved to South Miami because of the exceptional climate, right? Likely you have a backyard pool to make it easier to enjoy the outdoors, but if you don’t have a patio, where will you sit while you soak up the sun? An outdoor patio is the solution. With Habify, your new patio will combine smart design, functional and efficient features, and expert construction and contracting.

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Patio Design & Installation with Habify Is…
  • Simple
  • Smart
  • Reliable
  • Practical

Stepping out onto your brand new patio in South Miami couldn’t get any simpler. Our forward-thinking designs are all-inclusive, from the hardscaping, pavers, and construction to the fine detailing and finishing touches. Our process always starts in our showroom, so we can begin to understand your wants, needs, and priorities. Once we understand your individual lifestyle and design preferences, we get to work creating a patio that is sustainable, durable, and environmentally conscious. Our emphasis in energy efficiency, sustainability, and durability is evident in every patio project we take on, so you’ll always get the best craftsmanship and building materials for your yard and patio. We incorporate an integrated patio and landscape design, which increases efficiency, accountability, convenience, and dependability.

Your stunning South Miami patio installation will be designed according to what best suits your lifestyle. Our design team can install patios from a wide range of attractive materials, including:

  • Flagstones:This natural stone provides a smooth top for an elegant patio construction.
  • Pavers:Pavers are hardy and attractive, giving you a number of design choices
  • Attractive concrete:Concrete doesn’t have to be boring. More affordable than other options, concrete patios can be designed to be an attractive asset to your yard. Our design team can create art, even with concrete!
  • Brick:Brick can be installed in many different ways to create art on your patio, and this material is durable for a long-lasting design.
  • Bluestone:This natural stone is not uniform, creating an attractive natural look that is also unique.
  • Cobblestone:Cobblestones give your home a historic vibe, offering a design that echoes back to an earlier time.

Your South Miami landscaping and design project is carefully planned out to the minute details. Our structured process uses the same steps and approach on every project to deliver consistent results and always meet your expectations. Our landscape designers and in-house construction crew are always available to answer your questions, and we always make sure you’re a partner in the project every step of the way. We even send you an email at the end of every work day with a recap and preview of plans for the next day!

Everything we place in and around our homes should be practical, and that conviction holds true with our outdoor living spaces. With our company roots in energy efficiency remodeling, all that we do incorporates a smart, practical design mixed with your personal style and amenity preferences. During every project, we aim to help you balance your priorities in creating the outdoor living space of your dreams. Before we begin your patio installation we’ll discuss budget, timing, finish quality, and design complexity to make sure your expectations align with our design strategy. An accurate budget is created based on your scope and concepts, ensuring no surprises at the end of your home remodel.

Experience the Habify Difference for Your Patio in South Miami, FL

Habify patios are simple, smart, reliable, and practical. Since we opened in 2010, Habify has been driven by the same six core values. These values define everything we do as a company, including patio installations. When you work with Habify, you will be working with a company dedicated to:

  • Integrity:At Habify, we keep our promises. If we give you a guarantee, it will be kept, because we are honest and professional in everything we do.
  • Knowledge:We know our tasks well. We work hard to build on our knowledge so that we can create value for you while we build your patio.
  • Simplicity:Our goal is to make a complex job easy, so your home doesn’t experience much disruption during the building process.
  • Candor:Even when uncomfortable, we will tell you the truth about your project, with professionalism at all times.
  • Levity:We will bring a smile to the job, balancing the serious nature of our work with a healthy sense of humor.
  • Collective Success:Finally, we work hard to ensure our team members, customers, vendors, co-workers, and even city officials are all successful when they work with Habify. Helping build collective success builds our own success, as well as yours.

Are you ready to build a patio with a company dedicated to these qualities? All it takes is one quick phone call to Habify to get started.

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